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Total immersion courses are the fastest and most effective way to learn a language through intensive tuition and exposure to natural everyday spoken English outside lessons

Vendee English School

Teacher Hosts at the Vendee English School

James and Francine Colling

Francine Colling

Born in Buxton in Derbyshire. Francine is a qualified teacher with a B.Ed (Hons) degree in primary education. She taught for many years in primary schools in England before moving to France in 2006. She obtained a TEFL qualification before moving to France and has spent the last 3 years teaching English to adults and teenagers.

James Colling

Born in Crake in Yorkshire before moving to the South of England. Privately educated James has considerable business experience and is an expert at the art of negotiation. He will take students on trips out and provide English entertainment throughout the courses for both young and older students. He has many varied interests and is an expert on the many varied attractions that the Vendee has to offer.


David ShearerDavid Shearer

David has worked in the education and training sector for three decades, most recently as a civil servant in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. During that time he has worked in schools, colleges and universities, as well as spending time as a consultant to careers guidance companies, colleges, universities and local authorities.


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