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Total immersion courses are the fastest and most effective way to learn a language through intensive tuition and exposure to natural everyday spoken English outside lessons

Vendee English School

Business courses

british flags Many French companies are not doing enough to equip their staff with English language skills according to the latest research. The study published in Les Echos, found executives in 120 top French firms had an adequate understanding of the English language but lacked the practice and vocabulary to communicate fully.

immersion anglais

This is why we have devised a number of English language courses for businesses. We offer complete immersion programmes for businesses here in France without having the expense or inconvenience of travelling abroad.

immersion anglais

The benefits of staying with English people is you will only hear and speak English during your course. You may even begin to think in English even after your stay.

Each course is designed to individual needs and a total immersion in English will dramatically improve your confidence and communicative skills.

immersion anglais

In the past we have held courses for businesses involved in the travel, tourism and mechanical engineering/automotive industries. But we can design a course to suit any type of business.

Business Individual Intensive Immersion Programme

intensive business training

Book now or enquire via e-mail us at or by calling us on 0251522672

Business Groups Intensive Immersion Programme

intensive english training

Book now or enquire via e-mail us at or by calling us on 0251522672

Objectives Of Business Residential Courses

At the end of the course participants command of English as a second language will have improved considerably and we actively encourage our students to continue with what they will have learnt.

English Language Course content and timetable

We provide support before and during your stay and assess each student before the course begins to enable us to plan a programme of work which will be beneficial for all participants.In the evenings we offer a variety of activities including a ‘British Pub Quiz’ and traditional ‘Fish & Chips’ night.

immersion anglais

Typical subject matter during the week long course will cover the following topics although each course will be tailored to suit individual students needs:

Marais Poitevan


immersion anglais

A typical course timetable is as follows

9.00-12.00 arrive 9.30 for
induction and coffee
lessons start 10.00
English lessons
12.00-13.30 Lunch with tutors
13.30-17.00 English lessons On Thursday afternoon as part of the lesson we will go on an excursion to encourage and stimulate learning away from the classroom environment. Course examination
Finish at 16.30
17.00 student departs
evenings with tutors familyOn Wednesday evening we will take an evening out for an activity and evening mealwith tutors family


Nantes Elephant

Details of our prices can be found on the tariffs page.

Book now or enquire via e-mail us at or by calling us on 0251 522672

immersion anglais

Not the right course for you? We also run English Lunches, a regular course spread over 8 weeks to provide an intensive environment one afternoon a week to be immersed in the English language.


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